Rotor Guide



Fixed Angle Rotors

P100AT2 100,000rpm , 803,000xg P90AT 90,000rpm , 700,000 xg
P80AT 80,000rpm , 615,000 xg P70AT(RP70T) 70,000rpm , 505,000 xg
P70AT2(SRP70AT) 70,000rpm , 452,000xg P65A(RP65) 65,000rpm , 370,000xg
P50A3 50,000rpm , 252,000xg P50AT2(RP50T-2) 50,000rpm , 303,000 xg
P50AT4(RP50AT4) 50,000rpm , 316,000xg P45AT(RP45T) 45,000rpm , 235,000xg
P42AT(RPL42T) 42,000rpm , 223,000xg P32AT 32,000rpm , 111,000xg
P27A 27,000rpm , 106,000xg P21A2 21,000rpm , 71,000xg

Neo-angle Rotors

P90NT 90,000rpm , 646,000xg P65NT (RP65NT) 65,000rpm , 402,000xg
P65NT2 65,000rpm , 431,000xg    

Vertical Rotors

P100VT 100,000rpm , 700,000xg P65VT3 (RP65VT3) 65,000rpm , 402,000xg
P65VT2 (RP65VT2) 65,000rpm , 416,000xg P50VT2 50,000rpm , 243,000xg

Swinging Bucket Rotors

P65ST (RPS65T) 65,000rpm , 419,000xg P56ST (RPS56T) 56,000rpm , 409,000xg
P55ST2 (RPS55T-2) 55,000rpm , 366,000xg P40ST (RPS40T) 40,000rpm , 284,000xg
P32ST 32,000rpm, 180,000xg P32ST2 (PDF format 90KB) 32,000rpm , 193,000xg
P28S (SRP28SA) 28,000rpm , 141,000xg    

Former model name is indicated in brackets “(   )”.
The rotor which is not included in the above list may be sales discontinued item.
For sales discontinued rotors, please refer to the page “Sales Discontinued Rotors ”.