Rotor Guide

General Purpose Centrifuge

Fixed Angle Rotors

T16A31 16,000rpm , 21,400xg T15AP31 15,000rpm , 18,800xg
T15A63 15,000rpm , 21,500xg T15A62 15,000rpm , 21,500xg
T15A61 15,000rpm , 21,500xg T15A46 15,000rpm , 22,000xg
T15A44 15,000rpm , 21,600xg T15A43 15,000rpm , 21,600xg
T15A42 15,000rpm , 22,200xg T15A41 15,000rpm , 22,200xg
T15A39 15,000rpm , 21,500xg T15A38 15,000rpm , 21,600xg
T15A37 15,000rpm , 20,900xg T15A36 15,000rpm , 21,800xg
T15A35 15,000rpm , 21,100xg T15A34 15,000rpm , 18,600xg
T14A31 14,000rpm , 21,900xg T12A31 12,000rpm , 14,100xg
T11A34 11,000rpm , 14,800xg T11A33 11,000rpm , 14,500xg
T11A32 12,000rpm , 11,200xg T9A31 9,000rpm , 10,600xg
T6AP 6,000rpm , 4,770xg T6AP2 6,000rpm , 4,770xg
T6AP31 6,000rpm , 4,770xg

Swinging Bucket Rotors

T15S31 15,000rpm , 19,500xg T5SS31 4,800rpm , 4,170xg
T5S32 4,800rpm , 3,120xg T5SS 4,800rpm , 4,170xg
T5SS3 4,800rpm , 3,170xg T4SS 4,000rpm , 2,900xg
T4SS31 4,000rpm , 2,900xg T4SS6 3,800rpm , 3,150xg
T3S8 (PDF format 210KB)
(Sales discontinued)
3,000rpm , 1,940xg T3S6 3,000rpm , 2,150xg
T3S7 2,800rpm , 1,860xg RT2S2 2,000rpm , 700xg
T5S33 4,700rpm , 3,100xg

Horizontal Rotors

T15H31 15,000rpm , 18,600xg

Former model name is indicated in brackets “(   )”.
The rotor which is not included in the above list may be sales discontinued item.
For sales discontinued rotors, please refer to the page “Sales Discontinued Rotors ”.