Rotor Guide

Sales Discontinued Rotors

The rotor guide of sales discontinued rotors are available on this page.
Information on the rotor guide of sales discontinued rotors is at the time when sale of the rotor was discontinued and may not be the latest one. Please check with our sales representative when you order tubes, bottles and/or adaptors available for the sales discontinued rotors.

Metal fatigue progresses gradually while the rotor is used for many years, and the strength of the rotor has decreased even though there is no change on its appearance. Each rotor has a retirement year for your safe use of the centrifuge and the rotor. The rotor which is not available on this page may pass over the retirement year, so we highly recommend you to replace the rotor with the new one.
For details about the retirement year, please kindly refer to the operation manual of the rotor and/or contact our sales representative.


P19A(RP19) (PDF format 650KB) (19,000rpm, 55,100xg)
P28S2 (28,000rpm, 146,000xg)
P50S2 (RPS50-2) (PDF format 490KB) (50,000rpm, 300,000xg)

Micro Ultracentrifuges

S100AT6 (PDF format 90KB) (100,000 rpm, 604,100 xg)
S45A PDF format 90KB) (45,000rpm, 125,000 xg)
S100AT5 (PDF format 130KB) (100,000rpm, 550,000 xg)

Refrigerated Centrifuges

R22A2 (RR22A2) (PDF format 1.5MB) (22,000rpm, 51,200xg)
R20A (RP20A) (PDF format 500KB) (20,000rpm, 51,900xg)
R12A (RR12A) (RPR10-2) (PDF format 1.9MB) (12,000rpm, 24,310xg)
R10A (RR10A) (RPR9-2) (PDF format 1.9MB) (10,000rpm, 18,780xg)
R4S (RPRS4) (PDF format 130KB) (5,000rpm, 4,620xg)
R4S2 (RPRS4-7) (PDF format 1.5MB) (3,200rpm, 2,540xg)
R25ST2 (25,000rpm, 118,000xg)
R7S (SRR7SA) (for CR22N) (7,000rpm, 9,420xg)
R5S3 (for CR7N) (4,200rpm, 5,030xg)

General Purpose Centrifuge

T15A33 (PDF format 170KB) (15,000rpm, 21,600xg)
T11A31 (PDF format 140KB) (11,000rpm, 11,900xg)
T7A2 (PDF format 170KB) (7,000rpm, 6,570xg)
T7A (PDF format 150KB) (7,000rpm, 6,410xg)
T3A2 (PDF format 140KB) (3,000rpm, 1,190xg)
RT4A2 (PDF format 120KB) (4,000rpm, 2,150xg)
RT4A (PDF format 150KB) (4,000rpm, 2,220xg)
RT3A (PDF format 120KB) (3,000rpm, 1,220xg)
T4SP (PDF format 140KB) (3,600rpm, 2,028xg)
T3S52 (PDF format 250KB) (3,000rpm, 2,150xg)
T3SS2 (PDF format 240KB) (3,200rpm, 2,380xg)
T3S8 (PDF format 220KB) (3,000rpm, 1,940xg)
T3S51 (PDF format 250KB) (3,000rpm, 2,150xg)
RT3S4 (PDF format 100KB) (3,000rpm, 1,330xg)
RT5S4 (PDF format 240KB) (5,000rpm, 4,620xg)
RT3S3 (PDF format 250KB) (3,000rpm, 1,940xg)
T15A63 (15,000rpm, 21,500xg)
T15A62 (15,000rpm, 21,500xg)
T15A61 (15,000rpm, 21,500xg)
T3S7 (2,800rpm, 1,860xg)
T4SS (4,000rpm, 2,900xg)
T5SS (4,800rpm, 4,170xg)
T5SS3 (4,800rpm, 3,170xg)
T6AP (6,000rpm, 4,770xg)
T6AP2 (6,000rpm, 4,770xg)
RT2S2 (2,000rpm, 700xg)

Horizontal Rotors

T8H31 (8,000rpm , 7,100xg)