CT6E Series General Purpose Centrifuge

  • Tabletop High-Speed Micro Centrifuges


  • Tabletop High-Speed Micro Centrifuges



  • Easy-to-use operator panel
  • 5 sets of running parameters are programmable.
  • Rotor stop signal is selectable from 5 melodies.
  • Acceleration and deceleration settings are optimally selectable according to samples.


Low-height body allows rotor to be loaded/unloaded smoothly and speedily!

CT6E/CT6EL tabletop centrifuges are compact for smooth and speedy loading/unloading of samples. The height from the bottom to the opening is 270 mm (60 mm lower than conventional models.)


himac CT6E/CT6EL tabletop centrifuges are environmentally-friendly.
More recyclable, energy-saving and resource-saving than the conventional models
Reduced the use of hazardous substances


Safer tabletop centrifuges!
Compliance with  marking requirements

Mechanical safety (Compliance with IEC 61010-2-020 requirements)
CT6E/CT6EL tabletop centrifuges have passed the MCA (maximum credible accident) test.
This test confirms that no fragments are expelled from the centrifuge in the event of an accident.

Electrical safety (Compliance with IEC 61010-2-020 requirements)
Operator safety is ensured even under a single fault condition.
Double electric insulation construction for prevention shock events such as lightning, and all units have passed a general inspection under high-voltage conditions.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Directive : Compliance with EN61326 and other requirements)
Strong immunity to erroneous operation or other malfunction from external electromagnetic emissions. (Protection from nearby lightning strikes and static electricity in dry winter air.)
Negligible electromagnetic emissions that would make peripheral equipment operate erroneously.


Moled CT6E CT6EL
Maximum speed 6,000 rpm
(T6AP angle rotor) (T6AP2 angle rotor)
Maximum RCF 4,770 x g
(T6AP angle rotor) (T6AP2 angle rotor)
Maximum capacity 1,000 ml (250 ml x 4 tubes)
(T5SS swing rotor)
2,000 ml (500 ml x 4 tubes)
(T3S6 swing rotor)
Speed control range 300 to 6,000 rpm (in increments of 100 rpm)
Timer 1 minute to 99 minutes (in increments of 1 minute) with a HOLD function (continuous operation)
Acceleration/deceleration time variable 2-stage variable acceleration, 2-stage braked deceleration and coasting deceleration
Memory-based programmed operation 5 programmed operations possible (speed, run time, acceleration/deceleration settings and rotor stop signal)
Rotor stop signal Selectable from 5 melodies, a beep tone and mute setting
Drive motor Brushless DC motor (inverter control)
Safety device Door interlock, dual overspeed detection, imbalance detection, motor temperature abnormality detection, etc.
Compliance with standards Complies with  marking requirements.
Heat radiation 600W
Power requirements Single phase , AC220-240V , 10A , 50/60Hz or AC100-120V, 15A, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 440W x 595D x 330H 540W x 720D x 330H
Weight 45kg 55kg
Colors sherbet silver
Catalog CT6E/EL catalogue (PDF:534KB)

Part No.

Moled Power req. Part No.
CT6E AC220-240V
10A , 50/60Hz
15A , 50/60Hz
CT6EL AC220-240V
10A , 50/60Hz
15A , 50/60Hz