CT18R Multipurpose Centrifuge

Multipurpose Centrifuge

Operation Panel has 2 status indicators

Operation Panel has 2 status indicators of images

Power Saving Function (eco indicator)

  • When “eco setting” is enable, if the door is not opened or closed and no operations are performed for 10 minutes, the cooling device is automatically stopped.
    Max. 25% stand-by electricity is reduced, comparing the stand-by electricity without eco setting. (under in-house evaluation) When a user forgets to turn off the main power switch for a long time (such as overnight), stand -by electricity consumption isreduced.
    Set “eco” function and contribute energy saving.

    Power Saving Function of images

    Easy-to-Read Capacitive Touch Panel accepts latex gloves operations.

Actual Run Time (ART Function)

Timer starts counting after the set speed is attained. So acceleration time is excluded from the centrifugation time.You can obtaion higher reproducible centrifugation result with this function.
It easier to obtain more consistent separation results because there is less variation in acceleration times due to different rotors and sample volumes.

Total Run Hours Indication

Total run hours * can be displayed on the operation panel. It is useful as a guideline of the periodical maintenance. * Including acceleration time regardless a setting of the Actual Run Timer

Optional Remote monitoring Sytem " himac View "

Remote monitoring application “himac View” is available for CT18R, CR30NX and CP-NX series.
”himac View” monitors, operates of start or stops a centrifuge with iPhone ™ or Android ™ Phone via Wi-Fi ®.
“himac View” monitors up tp 16 units of CT18R, CR30NX or CP-NX series in the LAN access network.
* Optional LAN board in CT18R is required to use “himac View”. For more details contact the nearest sales representative.

Optional Remote monitoring Sytem himac View of images

Self-Locking Rotor System

  • Just place a rotor on the drive shaft.
    The rotor is automatically locked by centrifugal force once it starts spinning.
    When the rotor comes to complete stop, the lock is automatically released.

    Self-Locking Rotor System of images


Model CT18R
Max. Speed (rpm) 18,000 (T18A41 Fixed angle rotor)
Max.RCF (xg) 31,100 (T18A41 Fixed angle rotor)
Maximum Capacity 1,000 mL (250 mL x 4 : T5SS31 Swinging bucket rotor)
Speed Setting Range (rpm) 300 - 18,000
Timer 1 to 99 min. (in increments of 1 min.) with HOLD function or
1 to 59 sec. with HOLD function
Temperature Setting Range (ºC) -20 to +40
Acceleration/Deceleration Mode Accel: 10 modes, Decel: 10 modes and brake-free
Memory-based programmed operation 99 programs, including 3 direct select buttons
Drive Unit Induction motor (Inverter)
Refrigerator 300W Hermetic compressor (Refrigerant: HFC 134a)
Rotor stop signal Select from 5 melodies, beep and mute
Interface connection LAN X 1 (Option)
Safety functions Door interlock, dual overspeed detector, Rotor ID detector,
imbalance detector, over-temperature detector
Noise level Less than 55dBA by fixed angle rotor
Less than 59dBA by swinging bucket rotor
Compliance with standard CE, cCSAus *
Heat radiation 650W
Power Requirements (115V -127V model) ±10% 60Hz 15A (ordering number: 915617C3)
(200 - 240V model) ±10% 50Hz 8A (ordering number: 915617C1 and 915617C2 **)
(220V model) ±10% 60Hz 9A (ordering number: 915617C4)
Dimentions (mm) 634 mm (W) X 550 mm (D) X 340 mm (H)
(Height to the table: 291 mm)
Weight (kg) 80
Installation Environment Ambient temperature for operation: 2 ℃ to 40 ℃
Ambient temperature for assuring performance: 15 ℃ to 25 ℃
Ordering No. 915617C1 / 915617C2 ** / 915617C3 * / 915617C4
Catalogue CT18R catalogue (PDF:4,200KB)

*   For the United States and Canada: AC115-127V ±10% 60Hz 15A (ordering number: 915617C3), only
** Ordering number 915617C2 is applicable to EU region


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