CF-RN Series General Purpose Centrifuge

General Purpose Centrifuge

Save Space, Save Cost!

Do you have many centrifuges on your Lab. Bench?
If your answer is yes, we would like to offer you a smart solution.
"Install a single unit of CF-RN series in a laboratory and exchange the rotors based on your applications."
CF-RN series is unique floor-standing model with smaller footprint than conventional bench-top models in general. You can install CF-RN series into small empty space in your laboratory and have several types of the rotors depends on your applications in the shelf, so the rotor can be exchanged easily, thanks to himac unique "Self-Locking Rotor System", based on the application.

Self-Locking Rotor System

himac unique "Self-Locking Rotor System" is the most simple system to lock and/or unlock the rotor onto the drive shaft. Place the rotor onto the drive shaft-That is only what you need to do. The rotor is automatically locked by centrifugal force once it starts spinning. When the rotor comes to complete stop, the lock is automatically released. No longer need to screw/unscrew the rotor or push a button to lock and/or unlock the rotor onto the drive shaft.

Self-Locking Rotor System

Environment-friendly Design

Environment conservation or energy saving may be your primary concern to select laboratory instruments. The CF-RN series is made with the environment-friendly design. Over 80% materials of the products are reusable or recyclable. It has reduced use of the harmful substance in materials and components. Now, "Economy Mode" (automatic standby function) is equipped with the CF-RN series. Stand-by electricity can be reduced up to 80% with the "Economy Mode" comparing to the one without the mode. Press "ECO" button on the control panel, so you can contribute to energy saving.

Powerful Drive Unit

Reaching to 15,000rpm within 8 seconds (T15AP31 rotor) Quick acceleration and deceleration

Two in One

CF16RN is unique and has both features of versatile centrifuge and high-speed micro centrifuge in a single body. So you can use fixed angle rotors for high-speed centrifugation and swinging bucket rotors with test tubes and tissue culture tubes for versatile application.

Actual Run Time (ART Function)

Timer starts time count once the set speed is attained. So acceleration time is excluded from the centrifugation time. You can obtain higher reproducible centrifugation result with this function.

Total Run Hours Indication

Total run hours *1 can be displayed on the operation panel. It is useful as a guideline of the periodical maintenance.

  1. Including acceleration time regardless a setting of the Actual Run Timer

Rotor Condition Indicator

You can see easily that the rotor is rotating at the set speed with this function.

Easy-to-use Jog Dial

Easy-to-use Jog Dial


Model CF16RN CP15RN
Max. Speed (rpm) 16,000 15,000
Max.RCF (xg) 22,260 (T15A41/42 rotor) 22,260 (T15A41/42 rotor)
Maximum Capacity 1L (250ml x 4 : T5SS31 rotor) 280ml (70ml x 4 : T15A37 rotor)
Speed Setting Range (rpm) 300 - 16,000 300 - 15,000
Timer 5 - 55 sec. / 1 - 99 min. w/HOLD 5 - 55 sec. / 1 - 99 min. w/HOLD
Temperature Setting Range (ºC) -9 to +40 -9 to +40
Power Requirement (115V model) 115V : 103 - 127VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz
(200 - 240V model) 200/208V : 180 - 229VAC, 220/230V : 198 - 253VAC,
240V : 216 - 264VAC, 8A, 50/60Hz
Dimentions (mm) 490 (W) x 550 (D) x 852 (H) 370 (W) x 485 (D) x 830 (H)
Weight (kg) 105 82
Part No. (115V model) 90561302 90561202
(200 - 240V model) 90561301 90561201
Catalog CF-RN series catalogue (PDF:3,700KB)

Note : CF-RN series is not a medical device