Case #6: Increasing a process volume of the sample


  1. Fixed angle rotors or swinging bucket rotors are suitable for laboratory scale centrifugation, but it is not feasible to increase the number of rotors and centrifuges for production scale centrifugation.
  2. Even though large volume bottles are used, centrifugation should be repeated many times to process the target volume.
  3. It is difficult to concentrate the particles in dozens of liters of dilute suspension by batch centrifugation.


Continuous flow rotor model P32CT with ultracentrifuge can process dozens of liters of the sample continuously at once.
Dozens of liters of sample can be processed continuously with greater g force offered by P32CT.
Collection of the sample by the continuous flow rotor is much better than repeated batch centrifugation in small lots.


Sample solution is injected into the continuous flow rotor and the supernatant is overflowed from the rotor continuously during the centrifugation. It is suitable to process large-volume sample.
The continuous flow rotor can improve the productivity and reduce the labor cost and operation time.

Large-scale continuous flow ultracentrifuge model CC40 series can process much larger volume sample at once.

Large-scale continunous flow ultracentrifuge model CC40 series is suitable for purification of larger volume sample continuously.
The particle can be purified continuously by the density gradient centrifugation or the particle can be precipitated continuously by the differential pelleting with combination of rotors and core.

Basic specification of CC40 series
Nominal max. capacity : 8L
Max. speed : 40,000rpm
Max. RCF : 118,000xg

Configuration example

Recommended centrifuge is ultracentrifuge model CP-NX series.