Case #3: Purification of metal nano-colloid


Single-nano-sized metallic particle in metal nano-colloid cannot be separated and purified by conventional (general purpose) centrifuges due to insufficient g force.


Single-nano-sized metallic particle in metal nano-colloid can be precipitated by greater g force offered by ultracentrifuge model CS150NX//FNX.

Centrifugation condition : 600,000xg for 7 hours

Sample : Germanium particle (particle size : 5nm or below, particle density : 5.3g/cm3)
Data : Courtesy from K.K. Shinko Kagaku Kogyo
Reference: himac application No. 145 (PDF:361KB)

Germanium particle whose particle size is 5nm or below was precipitated by ultracentrifugation at 600,000xg for 7 hours. Other metallic particles can be precipitated in the same manner. So, ultracentrifugation is effective method to separate and purify metallic particles in metal nano-colloid.

Recommended centrifuges are micro ultracentrifuge model CS150NX or CS150FNX.