Case #2: Precipitation of pigment component in ink


Pigment in ink cannot be precipitated by conventional (general purpose) centrifuge due to insufficient g force.


Pigment of the red ink can be precipitated with greater g force offered by ultracentrifuge model CS150NX/FNX.

Centrifugation condition : 1,050,000xg (140,000rpm with S140AT rotor) for 12 hours

Reference : himac application

No.134 (PDF:2,436KB)     No. 135 (PDF:178KB)     No. 136 (PDF:991KB)

Pigment of red ink was precipitated by the ultracentrifugation at 1,050,000xg (140,000rpm) for 12 hours. Ultracentrifugation is effective method to separate and precipitate pigment component in ink.

Recommended centrifuges are micro ultracentrifuge model CS150NX or CS150FNX.