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Sample Name Subject No.
Gold nanoparticles Separation of gold nanoparticles using Micro Ultracentrifuge(PDF:532KB) 165
Silica particles Separation of Silica using Micro Ultracentrifuge(PDF:472KB) 164
Latex particles Pretreatment by ultracentrifugation and particle size distribution measurement(PDF:329KB) 156
Measurement particle size of dilute solutions by centrifugal concentration(PDF:428KB) 155
Ultracentrifugal sample classification and particle diameter measurement of two-component mixed standard particles(PDF:718KB) 152
Ultracentrifugal sample classification and particle diameter measurement of four-component mixed standard particles(PDF:770KB) 151
Continuous separation of submicron particles by using continuous flow rotor for ultracentrifuge(PDF:228KB) 148
Separation of mixed nano-latex particles(PDF:467KB) 138
Ink / Paint Separation of sumi ink using micro ultracentrifuge(PDF:991KB) 136
Separation of paint using ultracentrifuge(PDF:178KB) 135
Separation of ink using micro ultracentrifuge(PDF:2,436KB) 134
Carbon Nanotubes Trend in separating carbon nanotubes by ultracentrifuge(PDF:416KB) 150
Purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes by means of an ultracentrifuge(PDF:142KB) 129
Metal Nano-colloids Separation of metal nano-colloids using micro ultracentrifuge(PDF:361KB) 145
Bentonite Separation of Clay by Using a Large-Capacity Rotor for the High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge(PDF:201KB) 160
Toner (black) Measurement of Powder Adhesion by Centrifugal Separation Method Using the Compact Ultracentrifuge(PDF:400KB) 161
Rice starches Evaluation of Rice Starch Adhesion to Aluminum Boards(PDF:390KB) 162

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Because of its nature, himac APPLICATION posts the information as it was at the time of issue. Please understand beforehand that it contains old company name notation, old model name, currently unavailable products and unavailable information.
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